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Where can i get good free GSM libraries for Delphi or Python? Libraries i can use to send and receive sms's on my application?


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For free and open source AsyncPro>

Not free but the components has active development nrComm Lib

Another solution to use SMS gateway, such as ClickAtell, with solution you can send sms using a simple post command to the gateway url or webservices.

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Another SMS gateway with a Python interface is TextMagic.

Read my response to a similar question here

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Get it here - completely free (previously commercial components):

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I've always enjoyed this application with my Sony-Ericsson devices:

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A PyPi search turns up several promising Python SMS libraries. Some of them talk to a GSM modem, others work through web SMS gateways, and there's even one to interface with Apple's Sudden Motion Sensor.

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