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What I'm trying to do here is comparing 2 strings within the sqlite dbs and I want to say I'm a bit stumped. The basic goal of the program is that the user makes a request for a site to be crawled. The crawler then breaks the site down into jobs or links. I'm trying to avoid duplicate crawls and requests by saying

if(request is already in jobs list)
    do nothing

Anemone is the web spider framework for ruby by the way.

So the comparison in the if statement is as follows.


        puts 'TEST TEST TEST'
        puts 'Request is already detected in job list'

@allJobs and @allRequests are both just select * from Jobs.Requests

@allJobs = Job.all
@allRequests = Request.all

The comparison seems to be failing and it will create duplicates no problem. Has anyone any ideas?

On a side note. How does one delete a field from the .all variables.

allJobs.drop "where url =" ?

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So this was an adventure. For the sake of someone else hitting the same problem. follow these instructions.

If you have an object, do a YAML dump

puts YAML::dump(@requestToUpdate)
puts YAML::dump(@jobToCompare)

And make sure its not nil. This was the first big clue. requestToUpdate was fully populated while jobToCompare was not.

After a bit of sloothing around I found that there were better ways to specify what those 2 objects were rather than


replace with:

@requestToUpdate = Request.find_by_url(@usersRequestedSite)
@jobToCompare = Job.find_by_url("http://"+@usersRequestedSite+"/")

url is just a string param of my objects and can be swapped for anything else. The added http and / are for the differences between them strings to match.

Afterwards it was just a matter of comparing the strings in the same way

else if (("http://"+@requestToUpdate.url+"/").eql? @jobToCompare.url)

Voila. I had my first string comparison. I'll never forget my first time. :£

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