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I am trying to write a small UDP server application.

I have a client transmitting to this applications socket and I have verified this is sending ok using a small UDP echo program (which echoes the data received on a port to the screen) and also, I can see the packets received in wireshark.

I am using QUdpSocket and it would appear that this Binds ok on setup - but the readyRead() signal doesn't ever seem to get triggered.

I have included some of my code below - at the minute I am simply trying to emulate the little echo program.

Just to give some context to the below code - a button press on the UI calls 'setupNewSocket' on a port that is typed in on UI.

#include "sockethandler.h"

SocketHandler::SocketHandler(QObject *parent) :
    udpSocket = new QUdpSocket(this);

    connect( &w, SIGNAL(openNewUDPSocket(quint16)), this, SLOT(setupNewSocket(quint16)) );
    connect( this, SIGNAL(printOnUI(QString,QString,QString)), &w, SLOT(updateUI(QString,QString,QString)) );;

void SocketHandler::readPendingDatagrams()
     while (udpSocket->hasPendingDatagrams())
         QByteArray datagram;
         QHostAddress sender;
         quint16 senderPort;

         udpSocket->readDatagram(, datagram.size(), &sender, &senderPort);

         QString data = QString( );
         QString sender_address = sender.toString();
         QString sender_port = QString("%1").arg(senderPort);

         emit printOnUI(data, sender_address, sender_port);


void SocketHandler::setupNewSocket(quint16 port)
    if( udpSocket->bind(QHostAddress::LocalHost, port) )
    connect(udpSocket, SIGNAL(readyRead()), this, SLOT(readPendingDatagrams()));
    // bind has failed

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QHostAddress::LocalHost binds to .

Probably you need to use QHostAddress::Any which binds to

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Thanks - I had realised this about 7 mins ago but as I only have 50 cred it wouldnt let me answer my own question until 8 hours had passed. I salute you tho! – Matt Jul 4 '11 at 12:46

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