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How to include the windows runtime dll files in setup project.

without vc++ 6.0 software in the machine the project must execute.

or give me the hint how to make a the project setup(EXE) in vc++ 6.0 ,i am using create installor,

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You can modify the project settings to link statically to the C runtime (I assume this is what you mean when you said windows runtime ?). The static link flags are:

  • MultiThreaded static linkage (/MT)
  • MultiThreaded debug static linkage (/MTd)

Sorry, been awhile since I used VC6.0, so I had to check the GUI. You'll find this in project settings, C++ tab, Code Generation combo box, "Use run-time library").

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This is actually unnecessary in VC 6, since MSVCRT.DLL (for version 6) ships with every semi-recent Windows OS. It only (sometimes) makes sense for VC 2005+. –  Alex Budovski Jan 4 '10 at 13:08

To add to what Cannonade has already said, if you are doing it through Visual Studio, then this can be done through Project Settings->General Page->Use MFC as a static library. This way your created exe will be ready to run on any windows box.

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i tryd then also it sahows error –  rohit Mar 18 '09 at 6:24

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