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I'm using an API which returns a JSON string:


The part I'm interested in is the city/town name (in this instance Hook Norton) which I'd like as a PHP variable. I understand the JSON_decode() function comes into play somewhere, but how do I access the output of the API?

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Like any other array or object. –  Quentin Jul 4 '11 at 11:54

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Try this.

$json = file_get_contents('http://api.geonames.org/findNearbyPlaceNameJSON?lat=51.9877644&lng=-1.47866&username=demo');

$data = json_decode($json,true);

$Geonames = $data['geonames'][0];

echo "<pre>";


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Thanks very much. How would I set a variable for just one element of the array e.g. town name? –  Sebastian Jul 4 '11 at 15:04
$Geonames = $data['geonames'][0]['keyname']; –  Shashank Patel Jul 5 '11 at 5:54

The simplest way is to use file_get_contents, which works on web documents as well as local files. For example:

$json = file_get_contents("http://api.geonames.org/findNearbyPlaceNameJSON?lat=51.9877644&lng=-1.47866&username=demo");
$data = json_decode($json);
echo $data->geonames[0]->toponymName;
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Since the JSON is part of the HTTP response, you need to make an HTTP request with PHP and get the response as a string.

The swiss knife for this is cURL, but (depending on your requirements and the server's PHP configuration) you are likely able to do this very simply like this:

$json = file_get_contents('http://api.geonames.org/findNearbyPlaceNameJSON?lat=51.9877644&lng=-1.47866&username=demo');
$data = json_decode($json);
// and now access the data you need
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