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I am developing a Windows device-driver and need to delay execution of a system shutdown for about 10 secs. I am using following code inside DispatchPower() function of my driver:

NTSTATUS DispatchPower(
  __in  struct _DEVICE_OBJECT *DeviceObject,
  __in  struct _IRP *Irp

        case IRP_MN_SET_POWER:            
            delay_time.QuadPart = WDF_REL_TIMEOUT_IN_SEC(10);
            KeDelayExecutionThread(KernelMode, FALSE, &delay_time);


But it seems KeDelayExecutionThread() returns immediately without waiting? Any suggestions?


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Not certain, but here are some advices:

  1. Check the return value of KeDelayExecutionThread. According to the docs it seems that this function may return preliminary with either STATUS_ALERTED or STATUS_USER_APC. Well, since you're performing a non-alertable state this should not happen, but OTOH I don't quite understand what is the difference between STATUS_ALERTED and STATUS_USER_APC. Besides from this it may return you an error status, which may be informative.

  2. According to the docs you must run at IRQL <= APC_LEVEL. You should check your actual IRQL (KeGetCurrentIrql).

  3. Anyway, IMHO it's a pretty weird design to block a thread in the kernel-mode. Usually this hangs the whole system. If you want to delay the IRP processing you'd better return STATUS_PENDING in the dispatch routine, and then, via timer DPC complete this IRP.

If you're not familiar with this read the MSDN about the following: KeInitializeDpc, KeInitializeTimer, KeSetTimer.

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STATUS_ALERTED means that someone alerted your thread with the undocumented ZwAlertThread API. STATUS_USER_APC means an APC was queued to the thread, such as with the Win32 API QueueUserApc. –  snoone Jul 5 '11 at 16:11
Didn't know about ZwAlertThread (sounds like an ugly hack). I think that STATUS_USER_APC is returned after the scheduled APC has been executed. At least this is so in the alertable user-mode wait –  valdo Jul 5 '11 at 16:42

The previous answer was a good one, blocking in a power thread like this is discouraged (even in the docs). Why do you need a 10 second delay in the first place?


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