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I have a function, that is called by interval function, as well on click on a link, my link will clear the interval, and call the same function again.

calling this types will do the different work, but i don't know how to find, whether my interval function is calling my function or onclick function calling my function..

How can i find the caller of my function?

This is my function

function slideshow (){
    $('#slide_viewer ul').css({marginLeft : -(slideWidth * currentSlide)+'px'});
    if(currentSlide == (totalSlides-1)){
        currentSlide = 0;

var myInterval = setInterval(slideshow,3000);

    currentSlide = ($(this).attr('id') == "prev") ? (currentSlide = currentSlide-1) : (currentSlide = currentSlide+1);
    slideshow ();
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Is this for debugging or of code functionality? –  Declan Cook Jul 4 '11 at 14:01
It's not helping me.. any sample code? –  3gwebtrain Jul 4 '11 at 14:06

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You can use


to find who is calling your function.

A even simpler solution would be to flip a global variable when you are calling slideShow(). So when setInterval calls it your global variable will be false.

You can also use a closure and an argument to differentiate the cases as well

function slideshow(var autocall)
//your stuff depending of autocall false or true

var automaticall = function() 
   var autocall = true;

var myinterval  = setInterval( automaticall , 3000 );

    currentSlide = ($(this).attr('id') == "prev") ? (currentSlide = currentSlide-1) : (currentSlide = currentSlide+1);
    slideshow (false);
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It result as null. –  3gwebtrain Jul 4 '11 at 14:05

The comment links to a good post, or you could pass something to your function from the interval call:

var myInterval = setInterval(function()


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There is the callee and caller functions. But these are depreciated in most browsers today T.T

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