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My project A reference a project B to get database access. The B's DLL is in my References folder under A, and I have all the necessary using in every file and class.

I attached the aspnet_wp.exe process under A to do some debug, but I didn't get what I want; so I made some changes to B and compiled it (which was successful), then I compiled A...

When The type or namespace name 'XXXX' not found (not exactly, the message I got it in french: Le type ou le nom d'espace de noms 'XXXX' est introuvable) was thrown in every file I put using B.

Already to remove and read the reference to B, same problem...

Can you help me to find what I did wrong? this is driving me crazy.

BTW, I'm using VS2003 and .Net 1.1. So lame, I know.

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How did you add the reference? Did you add a project reference or did you reference the compiled dll using the browse tab? –  configurator Jul 4 '11 at 16:53

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What weird... I found the solution. The A project didn't want to copy the last version of the B's dll inside it's own \bin... so I deleted every file in this folder, recompiled A.. and it's working. F****ng VS 2003 which can't handle files correctly.

Sorry for the inconvenience, may my question help someone :)

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if you have found a solution by yourself, feel free to accept your own answer. –  sloth Jul 17 '12 at 12:57

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