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I have a JSon array that displays in a JQuery Mobile list. It shows the description + price, but I'd like to add a picture Icon to the left.

Any pointers on how I could achieve that ? Can I add an image tag to the "brand" ? Brand is where I'd like the image to display.

Thanks !

Here's my code.

// Json array
var productList = {"products": [
    {"brand": "brand1", "description": "Product 1", "price": "03.25 "},
    {"brand": "brand2", "description": "Product 4", "price": "01.10 "},
    {"brand": "brand3", "description": "Product 3", "price": "04.21 "},
    {"brand": "brand4", "description": "Product 2", "price": "15.24 "},
    {"brand": "brand5", "description": "Product 5", "price": "01.52 "},
    {"brand": "brand6", "description": "Product 6", "price": "12.01 "},
    {"brand": "brand7", "description": "Product 7", "price": "05.24 "}

] };

// Name Descending

function loadList() {

var list = $("#productList").listview();

var prods = productList.products.sort(function(a, b) {return a.description > b.description;}); $.each(prods, function() { list.append("

  • " + this.description + "  :       " + this.price + "
  • "); });


    $("#sort-list").click(loadList2); });



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    It's not clear what you're asking here; I mean, of course you can add an image if you want to. What in particular is it that you're having trouble with? – Pointy Jul 4 '11 at 14:34
    I'm just unsure how to add an image to my list, that's all really. Instead of the text brand, I'd like to have a picture. – JFFF Jul 4 '11 at 14:40
    Well you can just put the URL in there, no? Just have another property in the objects in the array, like "img", and have its value be the URL. Then when you're building the list, you'd include an <img> tag with that URL as the "src" attribute. – Pointy Jul 4 '11 at 14:41
    I tried this already. {"brand": <img src="images/album-bb.jpg" class="ui-li-thumb">, "description": "Product 1", "price": "03.25 "}, doesnt work =/ – JFFF Jul 4 '11 at 14:43
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    You're writing out an HTML list derived from a JSON array. So, one suggestion for achieving what you want:

    1. Modify the JSON produced so that instead of the brand text you have in there at the moment, you provide the URI for the relevant image
    2. Modify the loadList() function so that you write out an img tag as part of your HTML, using the URI passed-in from your JSON as that image tag's src attribute.
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    So if I get this right it would be something like var productList = {"products": [ {"brand": "<img src="images/album-bb.jpg" class="ui-li-thumb">", "description": "Product 1", "price": "03.25 "}, and in my function list.append("<li>"+ this.images/album-bb.jpg + this.description + " : " + this.price + "</li>"); – JFFF Jul 4 '11 at 14:51
    You don't need the whole HTML fragment for the image in your JSON--let your code do that when writing out the list--just the image path. Also, you are writing the image path to the object element brand, so reference that when doing your output. The code you've supplied won't work. – Ben Jul 4 '11 at 15:10

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