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Hi guys i am having trouble to find out a solution from this problem so i am posting it. So basically in ipod application we can configure the tabbar items from the application and drag them to change and customize it for ourself.

Does anybody know how to do it?

see the attached image please, thanks.

enter image description here

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You really don't have to do anything more. That feature is automatically available when you add 6 or more tabs to the tab bar controller.

UITabBarController has a customizableViewControllers property which is an array of all customizable view controllers. This is set to the viewControllers property so all view controllers can be customized by default. If you intend to limit it then set this property appropriately.

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looks like new bee so go and check out this


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SOrry but one link is broken and other two are basically just simple uitabbarcontroller turorials. I know how to add UItabbarcontroller but i want to know how i can customize it while running application and dragging icons from a view –  Amrit Jul 4 '11 at 15:10
Internal Server Error –  Amrit Jul 4 '11 at 15:42

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