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I am using this code

    if (managedObject == nil) {

to test if the created managedObject is nil or not. But I can never print this Fooooo. Do you know what I am doing wrong?

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You are not doing anything wrong. It just means that the managedObject you created was always non-nil ! If you want us to comment more, you need to post more code before that line. –  Yuji Jul 4 '11 at 15:01
show some more code. what is managedObject. and what r u doing with this? –  Rakesh Bhatt Jul 4 '11 at 15:01
You if statement is valid, you will have to tell us more if we are going to be able to help you. –  rckoenes Jul 4 '11 at 15:01
If you can't print that foooo, it's because your object is not nil... I don't see the problem. –  EmilioPelaez Jul 4 '11 at 16:21
that just implies that managedObject is always set to something –  bshirley Jul 4 '11 at 17:42

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exactly the same with comparing with nil like this

if (!managedObject) {
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That's exactly the same with comparing with nil. I prefer !managedObject just like you, though. –  Yuji Jul 4 '11 at 15:02
cheers. Simple and efficient :) –  Nielsou Hacken-Bergen Jul 4 '11 at 15:06
i dont know y those people downvote to me.if anyone downvoting somewhere please put the reason for it.ha! –  Vijay-Apple-Dev.blogspot.com Jul 4 '11 at 15:28
That's exactly the same –  xhan Jul 4 '11 at 15:31
Downvoted because your answer doesn't answer the question and is the same thing. The original question asked what they were doing wrong and the first comment on the question pretty much answered it. –  Nick Bull Jul 4 '11 at 16:56

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