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I am looking for a MLB data service including images I can use for an application I am building. I see this question that would provide me with all the data I need.

Is there any sort of API that'll give me real-time(ish) MLB stats?

Does anyone know of a service or API that would provide the images too? Also, any help on costs & licensing would be greatly appreciated.


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Stats, Inc is the only source for real-time MLB (and NFL) data. I wanted to build an NFL game and needed real-time data. There is no API that you can try for free in order to test an idea. I had to talk to one of their sales guys and he said it would cost $85k as a license fee plus 5% of revenue from my app.

You have a couple of more options for photos. I haven't used it but I talked to one of the guys from FanFeedr and their Image API looks good: http://developer.fanfeedr.com/page/Image_API

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Stats, Inc. (www.stats.com) is the main source for this sort of thing. They are the source for most of the mainstream web/news sites. I think they are also used by the broadcast networks. I assume they are not particularly cheap.

You'll need somebody like them, because MLB in particular are very protective of their rights. I believe they even go so far as to remove Youtube videos of games.

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