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I'm new to Drupal and am trying to configure the upload path settings of Filefield paths so that images and files are uploaded into a folder based on their node type. I have things setup the way I like for custom fields, but can't seem to find the upload settings page for the core fields (body in particular).

The module info page says that the upload path settings are found under Workflow settings > Upload Path Settings, or http://[]/admin/content/node-type/[node-type], but those links seem to have changed for D7. Can anyone point me to the D7 settings page?


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This is now set up for each individual file upload field. In order to modify the settings for that particular file upload, you simply go to:

(replace node-type with article/blog/etc and field-name with field_image or whatever your custom field is)

Assuming the module is installed, there should then be a section called Image Path Settings

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