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I am using Galasoft MVVMLight. I have a button bound to a command which sends a message to the view to display a messagebox asking for confirmation. If I click either the Yes or No on the messagebox it performs the necessary actions then shows up again. However if I step through the program instead I only get the messagebox once. Is this a bug or is something else going on?

EDIT: I modified the line by adding an Icon and default result and now I can't reproduce this behavior... I'm stumped... if it happens again I'll try a counter like airplaneman19 suggested.

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Try tracking the amount of times the MessageBox shows up with an integer, like so:

int counter = 0;
if(counter == 0){
else if (counter == 1)
  /*Do something that won't alter the program just to escape the if....else statement
    like "x++";
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It happened again... I'm using the counter. Thanks – John the Ripper Jul 4 '11 at 17:56
Hey, I know this is really late, but just for future reference, you don't need the "else if" part. I was playing around with the Python "pass" statement that literally does nothing and I didn't catch my mistake. – airplaneman19 Sep 30 '11 at 22:16

I had a similar problem once, I mean, with MessageBox firing twice. It was due to focus changes, and ListView in WinForms fired another selection changed event when running the app; but when debugging - some focus change was missing, and there was no bug :)

I hope this atleast gives you some ideas...

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