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After asking where I could find a good JQuery widget I got directed to here.

It's the best widget I've found so far and very customizable, the only problem is I can't find if I can load more than 4 tweets into the feed? I've been looking through the code but I can't seem to find where it's defined.

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The four results you are seeing aren't actually a limitation of the plugin, but a limitation of the twitter search function. I suffer the same problem on my website too. Basically, the twitter search facility limits itself to only "recent" tweets.

If you tweet a lot, this plugin will show you a lot of tweets, if you don't tweet a lot, you might only see one or two, or maybe none at all if you haven't tweeted for a long time.

To prove this, if you go to http://search.twitter.com/ and enter your username in the search box, only the same 4 tweets will be returned.

If you need more control over what you want to see, you might need to consider looking into the Twitter API instead.

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