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I need to declare a fixed size data type with maximum 48 bits in Java. Can anybody help me with that? I tried using a Byte array, but since it is a single continuous number, that will be stored in the Byte array, I can't see how Byte array can solve the purpose. I need these values to be fixed always and not exceed 48-bit kength.

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I think this thread: Why java has fixed data type size unlike C has the same question?? I'm not very sure, but I think it's not possible in Java.

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AFAIK in modern languages there's no 48-bit data type. You can only declare it as a byte or short array.

byte db[size*6];
short ds[size*3];

Each 48 bytes element can be access by 6 consecutive bytes (3 consecutive shorts). The index of the array can easily be calculated from the 48-byte group index

long b[i] = db[i*6] << 40 | db[i*6+1] << 32 | db[i*6+2] << 24 |
            db[i*6+3] << 16 | db[i*6+4] << 8 | db[i*6+5];
long c[i] = ds[i*3] << 32 | db[i*3+1] << 16 | db[i*3+2];

The 48-byte index can also be calulated from the byte/short array index. db[i] would be the i % 6th byte of the i / 6th 48-bit int.

or you can declare a class of bytes/shorts for more convenient access

class my6bytes {
    byte d[6];

my6bytes d6b[size];

class my3shorts {
    short s[3];

my3shorts d3s[size];
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