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I have saved FilePath in DbTable in form \\IpAdress\Hdd\Folder\fileName.extension and looks like as I unable search in DbTable by using Where clause f.e.

  FROM myTable 
 WHERE myColumn = '\\IpAdress\Hdd\Folder\fileName.extension'

sure is possible by using very lazy select clause LIKE, is there another way or would be better to replace BackSlash with another char ...

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@Michael Mior @Rahul thanks both +1 –  mKorbel Jul 4 '11 at 21:48

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Use it like

SELECT * FROM myTable WHERE myColumn = '\\\\IpAdress\\Hdd\\Folder\\fileName.extension'

See this post

File Name in the WHERE clause of Mysql returns nothing.

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You need to escape your backslashes.

SELECT * FROM myTable WHERE myColumn = '\\\\IpAdress\\Hdd\\Folder\\fileName.extension'
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