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I have a shape on a background. I have one jQuery color picker to chose the color of the shape, and one jQuery color picker to change the background color. I need ie6 support.

The shape can be any kind of image.

Changing a div background color behind a negative image of the shape doesn't work, because this way i can only change the color of the shape.

enter image description here

Any ideas ?

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Raphael.js gives you very rich support for exactly the kind of thing you're doing, cross browser, using efficient vector graphics and with (relatively) lightweight code.

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Raphael library looksreally great, but my shape is defined by an image. And i dont find a way to fill only a part of an image with raphael. –  pinouchon Jul 5 '11 at 8:19

So you have a background-color property which you are altering via the color picker and then.... (this part I do not understand) an image inserted in that same div with the background color you are altering? If thats the case I dont get why using a negative wouldn't work with transparency. Is this because the shape might not be a perfect square? could you be more clear?

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