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I have a floating point data [size: 4000 X 140 ]. I want to convert it to an IplImage in OpenCV. To have an idea about data, I am giving first 8 X 8 entries of that data.These data are very close to zero. So, I am getting a dark image.

-1.14E-04 -4.71E-04 -1.27E-04 2.43E-04 4.58E-04 1.63E-04 2.56E-04 2.86E-04 1.12E-04 -2.80E-04 2.89E-05 -2.18E-04 4.08E-05 -2.23E-04 -7.96E-05 -3.97E-05 -3.98E-04 -2.35E-04 6.11E-04 4.53E-05 4.74E-05 8.02E-05 2.10E-04 1.10E-04 2.08E-04 3.09E-04 -1.34E-04 -2.58E-04 -2.25E-04 -1.74E-04 2.28E-04 2.65E-04 -6.65E-04 -2.94E-04 6.37E-04 -5.16E-05 9.90E-05 1.05E-04 -2.20E-04 -5.49E-05 1.85E-04 5.69E-04 -5.19E-04 -4.98E-05 2.07E-04 -2.00E-05 1.24E-04 1.49E-04 1.54E-04 -4.09E-04 4.29E-04 -7.67E-04 5.19E-04 3.56E-04 -4.82E-04 3.66E-04 -1.71E-04 -5.15E-04 5.71E-04 -5.68E-04 -2.75E-04 -6.17E-05 1.40E-04 2.19E-04

1) when I am multiplying these entries with a factor like 10E4 or 10E5, I can see an image. But image quality is very poor unlike matlab-generated image. [ MATLAB code corresponding image:

[path,file] = uigetfile;
data = load(strcat(file,path));


[ OpenCV code sequence: I created CvMat and filled it with those data. I prepared IplImage from that CvMat. I resized the image( 560 X 420 ) ]

2) There are many negative data. Should those be consider zero? or Should all the data be added with a number(like 10E-4) to make all entries positive? or should I proceed through someother ways?

3) I changed contrast , brightness. But those seem to be useless.

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Try mapping the minimum value to 0.0 and the maximum to 1.0.

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