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This code below fades out the first results then fades in too early an the next results just appear anyway

$('.content .sub_cont').load('superfetch.php?val=' + $('.searchInput').val(), hideLoader(function() { $(this).fadeIn(1500); }));
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@why negative voting for the above question ?? –  kobe Jul 4 '11 at 22:34

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$('.content .sub_cont').load('superfetch.php?val=' + $('.searchInput').val(), hideLoader(function() { $(this).delay(1500).fadeIn(1500); }));
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I figured that would do but, Its not actually strapping it to the load time, oh well –  whitebox Jul 4 '11 at 22:28

How about this?

$('.content .sub_cont').hide(0);
$.get('superfetch.php?val=' + $('.searchInput').val(), function(data){
    $('.content .sub_cont').html(data);
    $('.content .sub_cont').hide(0); //Sometimes it will show it when changing the HTML
    $('.content .sub_cont').fadeIn(1500);
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