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I am using plupload (v and set it up a few weeks ago and everything worked. I have not touched it since then.

Now it does not work. The file gets to 100% then I get this great descriptive error

IO error. Error #2038

 var renderImportForm = $(selectors.uploader).livequery(function ()

        var uploader = $(this).plupload({
            // General settings
            runtimes: 'html5,silverlight,flash',
            url: urls.importCalendarsURL,
            max_file_size: '5mb',
            max_file_count: 10, // user can add no more then 10 files at a time
            unique_names: true,
            multiple_queues: true,
            // Resize images on clientside if we can
            resize: { width: 320, height: 240, quality: 90 },

            // Rename files by clicking on their titles
            rename: true,

            // Sort files
            sortable: true,

            // Specify what files to browse for
            filters: [
                { title: "iCalendar", extensions: "ics" }

            // Flash settings
            flash_swf_url: my.uploaderSettings.flash,

            // Silverlight settings
            silverlight_xap_url: my.uploaderSettings.silverLight,

                UploadComplete: function (up, file, info)

The above code works.

If I flip it around to what it was originally(what was set a few weeks ago)

        runtimes: 'flash,html5,silverlight,'

it does not work. So this leads me to believe it is a problem with flash as html 5 works.

silverlight does not work as well different problem though. It won't launch a dialog box when you click "add files".

No javascript errors come up in firebug.

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Can you provide a link? – chrixian Jul 5 '11 at 0:06
@chrxian -plupload.com/index.php – chobo2 Jul 5 '11 at 2:13

use chunks or/and urlstream_upload:true

edit: That error is flash error. above settings should do the trick. There's some problems with flash without those settings. I don't remember accurately what it was. Admin from plupload's forums:

You do not use chunks, and do not force Plupload into urlstream mode... it might be sessions problem on your server. Have you maybe activated sessions on your server recently? If it's sessions problem the easiest way to solve it in your case, would be to set: urlstream_upload option to true.


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Add the following config:

headers: {
    Authorization: ""
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You should check whether the folder/directory to which the files are uploaded exists or not That would help you

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I store it in memory and extract what I need and put it into the database. – chobo2 Jul 21 '11 at 0:30

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