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I just installed the scheme48 package from macports and have started experiencing. I was watching this youtube video, link here and was attempting to perform some of the examples. In the lecture the professor is running scheme on a Sun terminal. For example, I attempt to do '(first 473)' and get 'Error: undefined variable first'. Now, I'm assuming I haven't loaded the correct package / library or what ever it is called in scheme but am not sure what the syntax and library is. I believe that scheme48 and the scheme version on that sun terminal in the video are not the same and could be part of the problem.

So, what library do I need to use and how do I load it?

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Those lecture notes are based on a book called Simply Scheme, and you can find the library code that is used in the book here. Specifically, you need simply.scm.

(But whether it is a good idea to have these kind of overloading functions is debatable. Specifically, note that first is used in a way that is different from many other languages.)

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hey thanks, just wanted to follow along in that video and play around with scheme and look a language that is not c based. – developerdoug Jul 5 '11 at 13:13

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