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Looking at getting a feed of latest movie trailers for viewing on a media player. is what we use now, and it is working well. titles, duration, video url and poster url. (I do not care about finding trailers for specific movies.)

But I am scraping a HTML document for this, which seems a little weak when youtube's API appear to be very extensive.

Googling suggested but the thumbnails are stills from the video, but movie posters as the front-page is. Is there a way to get the covers? Is there a better gdata url to use?

I am using perl, but question is not specific to that language.

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This data is not available for trailer. Only the movie feed have this (see, for example, – J-16 SDiZ Jul 5 '11 at 5:33
Ahm could explain why I was having such issues trying to work it out. I suppose maybe later it will be. Scraping link HTML IS working, it just seemed so... uncouth? un-google? – lundman Jul 5 '11 at 6:58

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