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My question is can my company, an LLC, distribute under two company profiles. Sort of how Toyota has Toyota and Lexus. Two different images. Does apple allow this. I want to separate my apps, but don't want to have to register an entirely new LLC.

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You can just use one dev account and specify different app identifiers, they don't have to match your domain.

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In many (perhaps all?) states, you can file a DBA (doing business as) that lets you basically define a secondary company name you also do business under... you could probably define that, and create a new paid app store account with that as your company name.

Note that it seems like the Apple systems can get confused if you have the same email showing up in multiple accounts, so it's probably a really good idea to also have a domain and email set up for that other company.

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It doesn't get confused, when you log on you just pick which team you are logging in to. –  Grady Player Jul 5 '11 at 2:48
You don't understand where the confusion lies. I'm not talking about teams, I'm talking about what should be two totally distinct accounts but one happens to have the same email as another for contact. In that case it caused me not to be able to renew my developer account without ADC intervention, and also I bought a Mac development license which has vanished. –  Kendall Helmstetter Gelner Jul 5 '11 at 4:06

Federal government, for example, has multiple iTunes accounts (I know four within DHHS). So it's possible for the same legal entity to have multiple accounts. Just make sure you introduce at least one different e-mail for each.

The problem is, you might miss on some payout if different products don't reach the monthly payout threshold independently of one another.

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