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SetColoursSizes('0', '[Select Colour]', '0', '[Select Size]', 0,585.00,500.00);

This is an example of the string I'd like to match in PHP, and then caputre the last two variables, in case, '585.00' and '500.00'. Note: these numbers should be flexible in that they could be anything from 0.50 to $1500.00.

Can anyone help with the PHP/RegEx for this?

Cheers, Michael

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Just out of curiosity, is your PHP regexing other PHP? – sdleihssirhc Jul 5 '11 at 2:34
No, it was scraping a page so it was regexing Javascript nested within a whole HTML page – Michael R. J. Crosbie Jul 6 '11 at 1:47
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The following code captures your final two number/decimal arguments in $matches[2] and $matches[3]:

  $matches = array();
  preg_match('/SetColoursSizes\(([^,]+,\s*){5}(\d+\.?\d*),\s*(\d+\.?\d*)/', "SetColoursSizes('0', '[Select Colour]', '0', '[Select Size]', 0,0.50,500.00);", $matches);
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Perfect. This worked a charm. Thanks heaps – Michael R. J. Crosbie Jul 5 '11 at 3:41

This regex will work:

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$matches = array();
preg_match('~([\d\.]+),\s*([\d\.]+)\);$~', $yourString, $matches);

$matches[1] and $matches[2] should have the two numbers.

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