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I have a preference settings for which i have configured a dialog box pop up on click of preference using the below code.

Dialog passwordDialog = new Dialog(this);
passwordDialog.setTitle("Set new password.");

The dialog is coming fine. However In the dialog i have a password edit text and a confirm password edit text. If these matches with each other i need to save the password to preference. I do not know how to save the value to a preference on ok click in my custom dialog. Please let me know how to do this. Thank you for your time and help.

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You can retrieve the preferences, and then commit information to it :

SharedPreferences preferences = getPreferenceManager().getSharedPreferences();
preferences.edit().putString("passwordKey", editText.getText().toString()).commit();

To add information to a preference, start by calling edit() (returns an editor), add the value you want (key/value, like a Map), and never forget to call commit() (to commit the changes).

You can then access your value using

preferences.getString("passwordKey", defaultValue);
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