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When a new user is created they are given a password.

I want to test the case when the user updates or changes their password.


 validates :password, :on => :create,
                :presence => true,
                :confirmation => true,
                :length => {:within => 6..12}

before_validation :make_password, :on => :create

In spec/models/user_spec.rb I have the following:

describe "password validations" do before(:each) do @user = Factory(:user) end

it "should reject passwords that are too long" do
  too_long_password = "a" * 13
  @user.update_attributes(@attr.merge(:password => too_long_password, :password_confirmation => too_long_password)).should_not be_valid


Does not work. Now how do I test for the update? Any ideas appreciated.

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remove the :on => :create clause from the validates. Removing this will activate the validation during create and update.

 validates :password,:presence => true,
                     :confirmation => true,
                     :length => {:within => 6..12}

You have not mentioned but you can also remove :on => :create, if it is needed in the before_validation too

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I removed the :on => :create as per your instructions for the validates but need it for the before_validation as that is when I assign a password. What I was hoping to learn how to do was get how to write an rspec test for when I update the user info. –  chell Jul 5 '11 at 10:47

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