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In the following code

x= (f,n) -> f(n)
x( (n) -> n+1 , 5) #parse error

How can I fix the parse error above ?


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A pair of parenthesis would fix this problem, just found the answer on IRC.

x( (n) -> n+1  , 5) #parse error
x ((n) -> n+1) , 5 #fixed
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I usually do either this:

foo ->
, 5

or this:

fn = -> doStuff('foo')
foo fn, 5

Wrapping extra parens inside argument lists never sat right with me as it's tough for my brain to parse.

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Ali's answer is slightly different to the question he asked. One correct solution is

x = (f,n) -> f(n)

x(( -> n+1), 5)
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You are right, i will fix the error in the question –  Ali Jul 8 '11 at 9:40

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