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I am learning C# and keep getting an error "Cannot implicitly convert type 'int' to 'short'".

In Microsoft SQL Server where my database is, U_Weeks_In_Month is defined as smallint. What do I need to do to solve this error?

I tried to use short.Parse just like in the year textfields but this does not work for the item, i.e

U_Weeks_In_Month = short.Parse(item.WeekNumber),

Any solution?

My code is :

var weekInfos = SAPUtility.GetWeekInfo(dateTimePicker1.Value, 52);

// Create object
foreach (var item in weekInfos)
    // Get new code
    var newWeeklyCode = weeklyPeriodService.GenerateSAPCode();

    var weeklyPeriodAdd =
        new WeeklyPeriod
            Code = newWeeklyCode,
            Name = newWeeklyCode,
            U_Tax_Year = short.Parse(txt_tax_year.Text),
            U_Month = item.Month.ToString(),
            U_Pay_Process_Status = "N",
            U_Payroll_Year = short.Parse(txt_tax_year.Text),
            U_Weeks_In_Month = item.WeekNumber,
            U_Starting_date = item.FirstDayOfWeek,
            U_Ending_date = item.LastDayOfWeek,

    // Save record
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can you provide the code of your class? What type your fields are? –  VMAtm Jul 5 '11 at 6:44

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I suspect you just need:

U_Weeks_In_Month = (short) item.WeekNumber

An alternative is to change your WeekNumber property to short to start with.

Additionally, I'd pull the parsing of txt_tax_year.Text outside the loop:

short taxYear = short.Parse(txt_tax_year.Text);
foreach (var item in weekInfos)
    // Use taxYear in here
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Skeet, Thanks. This works –  Kinyanjui Kamau Jul 5 '11 at 6:47

You can cast the item eg: U_Weeks_In_Month = (short)item.WeekNumber,

But I would check why item.WeekNumber is an integer and correct it (assuming the code is yours).

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It seems that item.WeekNumber is of type int. In that case compiler is giving the right error. You should be using short.Parse or short.TryParse if you not sure that parsing will succeed.

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