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Was wondering. Is there any CLI tool available for Amazon S3 to play around with files/folders, actions like move, delete, etc.

Basically I got a task where I have to move bunch (a lot) of files from a bucket to a folder on the same bucket, so that I don't have to see whole files when I open the bucket in S3 console.

I am expecting a tool or kind of script which help me move files from one place to a folder on the same bucket.

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A few days ago, Amazon added new file commands.

The AWS CLI webpage is at These are python scripts (Python 2.6 or higher required). On Mac and Linux you can install using 'pip install awscli'. For windows there is an installer.

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I was wondering if you had heard of Google... No don't take seriously, just kidding. There are several options, e.g.:


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:-).. I tried but I couldn't get the one, looks like your link to got me the answer.. Thanks a bunch. – RakeshS Jul 5 '11 at 8:34
This is on Google. – Chris Harrison Nov 5 '14 at 11:47

To create a folder and move files into it just use the mv command and include the folder in the path - it will be created automatically.

Example: create folder "newFolder" and move file "pic.jpg" from bucket root:

aws s3 mv s3://bucket-name/pic.jpg s3://bucket-name/newFolder/pic.jpg

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