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I'm creating a custom component whose attribute accepts an instance of an object like this

<hy:bean instance="#{myManagedBean.person}" />

How do I retreive this instance in my Renderer?

I tried the following but I only get a version of the component converted to a string

Object instance = beanComponent.getAttributes().get( "instance" );

If I do below, i get a NullpointerException

//expecting "#{myManagedBean.person}" which i can then evaluate
String instance = beanComponent.getInstance(); 

this is the definition of getInstance() in BeanComponent

public String getInstance()
   return ( String ) getStateHelper().get( PropertyKeys.instance );

public void setInstance( String instance )
    getStateHelper().put( PropertyKeys.instance, instance );

I observed that the Setter is never called.

Any idea how I can get the Object of #{myManagedBean.person} for introspecton?

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I have a feeling you should try to extract the value binding instead of the value itself. –  adarshr Jul 5 '11 at 8:53

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Object instance = beanComponent.getValueExpression("instance").

Thanks to this answer Custom component user object value

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