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It seems I am not capable of filtering more then one column at once. I think it's common usage when using filters, maybe I'm missing something.

For example, i have 4 columns in my QTableView, let's say column X (string), Y (int), Z (string), Q (string). I wish to filter by filter_1 column X and filter by filter_2 column Z. Is it possible to set QSortFilterProxyModel filter for more then one column (dynamically), but not all (re implementing filterAcceptsRow).


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You can use setFilterRegExp(), setFilterWildcard(), or setFilterFixedString() methods to set a filter. An example from QT doc is :

proxyModel->setFilterRegExp(QRegExp(".png", Qt::CaseInsensitive,

If these methods are not sufficient, according to Qt documentation customizing proxy models is designed to be used via inheritance.

For advanced users, QSortFilterProxyModel can be subclassed, providing a mechanism that enables custom filters to be implemented.

In this case you need to sublass and override filterAcceptsRow() method.

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I tried using subclass and overriding filterAcceptsRow() method, but with that method filters will work on all columns selected in it. I need dynamic method, so i will be able to sometimes filter on X column it self, sometimes X, Y and sometimes X, Y, Z, Q. Will work on it some more and let you know how it goes. – krizajb Jul 5 '11 at 9:49
Check out this example…. Do something similar or you can also use filterAcceptsColumn method – O.C. Jul 5 '11 at 10:59
Took some time to implement it into my case, works! Thanks a lot! – krizajb Jul 7 '11 at 11:58

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