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I need your help on SaveFileDialog

From code in the Temp folder a word file in which i insert data. I then open the file in Word so it can be edited.

When tho Word document is closed i would like to have a popup th show which would ask where to save the file. That's why i'm using a SaveFileDialog popup.

Right now the SaveFileDialog just asks wether i want to save the changes to my file in the Temp folder or not, instead of asking where i want to save it as a new file.

When the document is closed i used

application.DocumentBeforeClose +=newApplicationEvents4_DocumentBeforeCloseEventHandler(application_DocumentBeforeClose);

In application_DocumentBeforeClose() i open a SaveFileDialog popup.

My goal would be to copy the file to the SaveFileDialog.FileName path and then delete the file in the Temp folder.

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an easy way to force the "save as" dialog would be to open a template instead of a document...

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Thanks for the answer . I'll give it a shot. – wallou Jul 7 '11 at 9:38

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