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I would like to have a cron job which executes 3 shell scripts consecutively i.e., execution of next shell script depending on the completion of previous scripts. How can I do it?

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Here is an example showing a cron which executes 3 scripts at 9am Mon-Fri.

00 09 * * 1-5 script1.sh && script2.sh && script3.sh 2>&1 >> /var/tmp/cron.log

If any one of the scripts fails, the next script in the sequence will not be executed.

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Write one script which calls these three scripts and pit it into cron.

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This has the added advantage that you can run the three shell scripts consecutively from the command-line. –  Johnsyweb Jul 5 '11 at 9:58

To elaborate on yi_H's answer: You can combine them in one shell script in different ways, depending on what you want.


will run all three consecutively, regardless of the result.

job1.sh && job2.sh && job3.sh

will run all three, but it will stop if one of them fails (that is, if job1 returns an error, job2 and job3 will not run).

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The -e shell option is useful here too (#!/bin/sh -e). –  Greg Hewgill Jul 5 '11 at 10:00

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