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I need a high performance main memory database for my Java Application

1] Please suggest the database which is
-JDBC compliant
-Standalone(i.e. Flat-File)
-supporting memory tables
-High performance
-B-TREE indexing

2] Is there any technique in JAVA to load the database in MEMORY while the program is running and store it back to disk (in compressed format) when program exists.

Please DO NOT suggest SQLITE since performance is the issue.

If you are suggesting HSQLDB or H2 with in-memory mode then tell me the way to store the database in a file and free the HEAP with the actionEvent.

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If you're looking for in-memory then JavaDb will likely be of use. However, you also refer to flat files, and I'm a little confused by this. Perhaps you want something like CsvJdbc, which puts a JDBC interface over a .csv implementation.

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