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I have an application in which I use spring 3.0.2 and ibatis. Now, I need to integrate ehcache with my code. I tried this link but couldnt get it working. I would prefer someone to give me the details of the jars required, xml configurations to be done and code changes if required.

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Upgrade to the latest spring 3.1 milestone - it has built-in cache support through annotations - see here

Apart from that, you can always use the EhCacheFactoryBean

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To implement this in your application, follow these steps:

Step 1:

Add the jars to your application as listed on the Ehcache Annotations for Spring project site.

Step 2:

Add the Annotation to methods you would like to cache. Lets assume you are using the Dog getDog(String name) method from above:

Dog getDog(String name)

Step 3:

Configure Spring. You must add the following to your Spring configuration file in the beans declaration section:

<ehcache:annotation-driven cache-manager="ehCacheManager" />

Please refer to Ehcache site for complete details.

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