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I have a function in my data access layer. This function takes an enum (which has [Flags] attribute on it) as its only parameter.

public enum ItemTags { Browsable = 2, InMenu = 4 }

public List<Item> GetAllItems(ItemTags flags)
    // Here I should create the SQL bitwise query.

In this function, I should create a bitwise SQL query, something like:

select * from tableName where columnName & 2 = 2 and columnName & 4 = 4

And in my business layer, I want to use that function. But there are many possible ways to use those tags and flags. Some of these functions could be:

public List<Item> GetItemsOfMenu()
   return repository.GetAllItems(ItemTags.InMenu);

public List<Item> GetBrowsableItems()
   return repository.GetAllItems(ItemTags.Browsable);

public List<Item> GetBrowsableMenuItems()
   return repository.GetAllItems(ItemTags.Browsable & ItemTags.InMenu);

How can I do that?

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