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Suppose i have user collection and children collection.

Assume I have a specific user and children (which is the many side of user) has a field status of type string. I want to search for that child in user where status= "active".

Would the query be different if only one child in user can have status="active" at any time, although none of children may have status equal to "active" ?

Children are not embedded but reference in user.

This is my solution but does not look very efficient to me;

for (c : user.children) {
      if (c.status == "active") {
        child = c
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please provide more details: are children embedded documents? post some example objects – onof Jul 5 '11 at 12:07

To search db directly you got add a "parentId" field to your Children class:

public class Children {
  public String status;
  public ObjectId parentId; // point to the parent of this child

Then here is the way to go:

If you use pure morphia:

Datastore ds = ...;
Children activeChild = ds.find(Children.class).filter("status", "active").filter("parentId", user.getId()).get();

If you are using Play!Framework with PlayMorphia module:

Children activeChild = Children.find("status,parentId", "active", user.getId()).get();
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