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I need to call a function using asynchronous delegates, when i go through the tutorial of the AsyncCallback I saw the async call back defined as below:

static void CallbackMethod(IAsyncResult result)
   // get the delegate that was used to call that
   // method
   CacheFlusher flusher = (CacheFlusher) result.AsyncState;

   // get the return value from that method call
   int returnValue = flusher.EndInvoke(result);

   Console.WriteLine("The result was " + returnValue);

Please let me know if i can get the return value as reference from the function. eg:= my function is in the format

void GetName(int id,ref string Name);

Here i am getting the output from the function through a reference variable. If i call this function using the async delegates how can i read the output from the callback function?

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You need to wrap your arguments into an object:

class User
    public int Id { get; set; }

    public string Name { get; set; }

void GetName(IAsyncResult result)
    var user = (User)result.AsyncState
    // ...

AsyncCallback callBack = new AsyncCallback(GetName);
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Don't pass the return value back via a ref parameter. Instead, change the signature to:

string GetName(int id)

or possibly:

string GetName(int id, string defaultName) // Or whatever

Note that there's a big difference between "a reference" and "pass-by-reference". It's important to understand the distinction.

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