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Is there a way for enabling file upload via file path?

The default HTML file upload control displays a disabled textbox and a button. Is it possible via JS or something to upload a file when the user pastes the path to the file into a textbox?

This webpage is within a corporate intranet.

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No, such thing is not possible in web application using ordinary HTML/JavaScript - period.

The one and only way for user to choose file is via the file dialog opened by clicking the browse button of the <input type="file" /> element.

The only shortcut possible is that JS can open the file dialog automatically, but still - that's the only way for user to choose what file to upload.

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Embedded Java-Applets would work. As I mentioned the page is within a intranet so the permissions for the applet are no problem. But I'm searching/hoping/praying for a nicer solution. –  schlingel Jul 5 '11 at 12:35
Edited my answer to reflect this.. it's also possible by building your own browser extension, activeX control or server/client program. I was referring to "ordinary" web page. –  Shadow Wizard Jul 5 '11 at 12:37

There are some small possibilities to do that within a trusted network. Not exactly the same, but still a very similar question: Local file access with javascript

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