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I want to merge the two repository systems: Assembla and Github.

My requirement is: if i do commit the repository in the assembla(svn), the repository in the github(git) should also be committed automatically and vice versa.

Thanx for any help!

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Wy do you want to use both svn and git? Keeping both in sync if you make changes on both sides is going to be a giant nightmare. If you use svn mainly, setting up a git mirror isn't too hard. If you use git mainly, you really have no reason to make an svn mirror.

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You may wanna take a look at this crash course on Git and SVN.

Pushing to a remote gihub repo, it'd be really easy to push to the svn repo too, with a git hook, see git help hooks. Set up a commit hook, to update your SVN repo, on git commit or push, or whenever you like.

I don't know how that's done from the SVN prespective. I do know that Assembla offers git repos too. So it'd be way easier to keep two git repos in sync, than one SVN and one Git.

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