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i am new to iphone development and i am doing sample application using webservice..i have gone through this link http://code.google.com/p/wsdl2objc/wiki/UsageInstructions and following it to generate code from wsdl2objc.

i am calling a method which is used to concatinate two strings,s1 and s2 using method SimpleService_concat so plz help me to complete the code..

i have a button where when i click it string should display on TextField.

i am using following methods and classes which r generated from wsdl2objc

@class SimpleService_concat;

@interface SimpleService_concat : NSObject {

/* elements */

    NSString * s1;
    NSString * s2;

/* attributes */

+ (SimpleServiceSOAP *)SimpleServiceSOAP;

@class SimpleServiceSOAPResponse;

@class SimpleServiceSOAPOperation;

source code which i am implementing to generate a code is given below plz tel me what all changes i shd make and add in the below code...class is SimpleService.

i am getting error in the last few lines..i have mentioned the error as well in the below code.


 #import "SimpleService.h"

@implementation WsdlViewController
@synthesize field   ;


{ SimpleServiceSOAP *binding = [SimpleService SimpleServiceSOAP];

binding.logXMLInOut = YES;

SimpleService_concat *testParams = [[SimpleService_concat new]autorelease];

testParams.s1 = field.text; // parameters all become properties of this testParams object
testParams.s2 = field.text;

SimpleServiceSOAPResponse * response = [binding   concatUsingParameters: testParams];  
                               [response self];

                               NSArray * responseBodyParts = response.bodyParts;
                               NSError * responseError = response.error;

for (id bodypart in responseBodyParts)


    if ([bodypart  isKindOfClass:[SimpleServiceSOAPResponse class]])


        SimpleServiceSOAPResponse *body = (SimpleServiceSOAPResponse *)bodypart;

        field.text = [body.SimpleService];//error Request for memeber"simpleservice"in something not a structure or union




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Without seeing what errors you're getting there's nothing I could do. –  pzearfoss Jul 5 '11 at 17:49
@pzearfosa thanks for ur response..i fixed with the errors i am just getting error in the last line where i hv mentioned in the above code...i have a button and textfield when i prss button shd display in the textfield... –  crazy2431 Jul 6 '11 at 6:01
Yes but you're not saying what error. Can't help you. –  pzearfoss Jul 7 '11 at 20:09
//error is Request for memeber"simpleservice"in something not a structure or union and also in the same line its coming simpleservice not found on object of type simpleserviceSOAPResponse i have mentioned in the code by commenting wats the error –  crazy2431 Jul 8 '11 at 5:28

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