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I'm making some utils that uses NetUseAdd and NetUseDel functions to connect/disconnect to share. In Windows 7 I noticed that between calling NetUseDel and real disconnnection passes nearly 12 seconds. I made some investigations and found that net use \server /del also disonnects only after 12 seconds. Here's little script and Wireshark output, corresponding to run of script:

net use \\server "" /user:""
net use \\server /delete


Setting last tree connect smb command as reference, we can see, that tree disconnect delayed for 12 seconds.

Does anyone know how to cut such a timeout?

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Why would you want to delay the disconnection? The whole point of the time-out is to essentially cache the share, since Windows knows that if you access a share once, you're likely to do so again. It doesn't want to waste the time of continually setting up and tearing down a connection that could easily be left open, so it delays closing it.

If you need to access the share, then this helps you. Don't worry about deleting it so that you can recreate it; just use it.

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I understand advantages of such caching but in my current task i need to access shares on single host with different credentials, and such caching make reconnection a big trouble - it caches last credential rights. –  kizill Jul 7 '11 at 8:45

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