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can anyone help me how I could display the date alone on top of the first tick unit of DateAxis in Jfreechart Gantt

Like this:


valueAxis.setTickUnit(new DateTickUnit(DateTickUnit.HOUR,6)); ///what needs to be extended here to get the desired format as said above
valueAxis.setDateFormatOverride(new SimpleDateFormat("'|'d,MMM"));

Thank you.

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Because a Gantt chart uses a DateAxis for the range, you can invoke setDateFormatOverride(), as shown here. Of course you'll want to use getRangeAxis().

Addendum: Reading more closely, you can use setLowerMargin() and/or setUpperMargin() on the range axis to leave some room for the date over the end ticks.

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Thank you for the response.But I would like this :lets say if I have valueAxis.setTickUnit(new DateTickUnit(DateTickUnit.HOUR,6));only the first tick out of four ticks on the rangeAxis should display the date and remaining three ticks blank ;6/7 | | | 7/7| | |8/7| | | Thanks –  Sri Ram Jul 6 '11 at 12:57
Ah, you want the intervening ticks to have no label. AFAIK, that's not supported. –  trashgod Jul 6 '11 at 16:12

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