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I have a UITableView. In row I need to setup text, so I need to use UILabel or UITextView. I need to detect phone number in text, so I use UITextView. BUT I need to set text only in 2 lines and if it's longer, setup ellipses in the end , because row height isn't big, so that work UILabel do perfect. So how to be ??? Can UILabel detect phone number ? or can i set UITextView in 2 lines and set ellipses in the end ?? Thanks...

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I do not think that the UITextView has a property that let you set ellipses at the end if the text is to long. However that is simple to fix:

NSString documentation

You could use this method if all you want to do is to allow let say 120 characters, and starting from 0.


Returns a new string containing the characters of the receiver up to, but not including, the one at a given index.

(NSString *)substringToIndex:(NSUInteger)anIndex

NSString *shortText = 
          [[someLongTextVariable substringToIndex: 120] stringWithString:@"..."];

Maybe you should use a mutable string for this, I do not know what performes the best. But if you do this, you could atleast detect phone numbers.

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