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This one is similar to a question that I asked yesterday. However my concern is different. To summarize I needed to remove the text from the titlebar for one of my activities (the main activity) (1). I did this using setTitle(""); on the onCreate method. However when starting the application the former title remains displayed during 2 secs before changing to the new one.

It is probably because the titlebar is loaded before the activity loads, and I guess I either need to make the titlebar loads at the same time than when the activity loads or do this not in the code but in xml files.

Any idea?


(1): The reason why I want to do this is explained here.

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Can you post a code snippet of your onCreate() body? –  Scenic World Jul 13 '11 at 13:39

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You can do it from manifest file for each activity separately. Look here.

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Try this

public void onCreate(Bundle state)

You can also try to supply your own title layout

public void onCreate(Bundle state)
getWindow().setFeatureInt(Window.FEATURE_CUSTOM_TITLE, R.layout.window_title);

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I don't want to remove the titlebar. I want to remove the text from the titlebar. I actually have a titlebar -- which is a png. The problem is that I have the label (which is needed to name the application) written on this png, which is ugly. Hence the need to only remove that label from the titlebar. –  Amokrane Chentir Jul 5 '11 at 13:56

Go to your values folder, to strings.xml. Here you see app_name string. Edit that one to your desired label.

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That isn't very robust... the question isn't how to rename the app, but rather how to modify the text for one of the Activities. –  Daryl Bennett Dec 8 '14 at 23:50

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