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After read shared-mime-info spec and add my own types in /usr/share/mime/packages. I have refreshed the database:

$ update-mime-database /usr/share/mime

I have try with gvfs-info, it return the right mime. So unix command file use libmagic and libmagic use his own database /usr/share/misc/magic . I would like to know if they are a way to convert xml file to magic file for libmagic ?

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You can't. Your mime-database and libmagick do two different things and are made to be used in conjunction. Libmagick reads the "magick number" in a files header in order to determine what kind of file it is and your mime-database map's file extensions to it's mime-type.

Try determining a file by it's extension first and use libmagick as a backup in case you come across a file with no extension.

You don't want to just use libmagick because no file is guaranteed to actually have that "magick number" in it's header. Getting good support for determining every files mimetype correctly every-time can be tricky.

If you want to read .desktop files use an ini parser.

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