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I'm writing my first wicket app , and ran into my first road-block today . Here's the problem . I have a page which contains an AjaxSubmitLink . In it's onSubmit event , I load a panel using setResponsePage .

From the homepage of my app , I can navigate to the above mentioned page in 2 ways - either by a hyperlink or by switching a tab (use a basic ITab from wicket-extensions), both of which invokes the same constructor with identical arguments.

Now if I navigate to the page using the hyperlink , everything works fine . However , if I use the tab to navigate to the page , the AjaxSubmitLink doesnt load the panel . There's an Ajax request being made , I can see the server processing it , but it's like no callback is being executed .

Another strange thing I noticed , in the latter case , firebug doesn't log my Ajax requests on the console . It logs requests in the former case just fine .

I'm kinda stumped here , any hints,pointers or nudges ?

Edit : Code declaring the link .

 editLink = new AjaxSubmitLink("editLink") {
            protected void onSubmit(AjaxRequestTarget target, Form<?> masterForm) {
                    setResponsePage(new EditPage(programId));

Edit : I inspected the requests made with fiddler , the unsuccessful Ajax calls are returning a 302 , instead of 200.


I kinda found a workaround . The fiddler information lead me to search for the setResponsePage behaviour , which lead me to .

Anyway since I didnt strictly need a POST request for the link , used a GET instead to get the desired behaviour .

Interesting find using fiddler : the content-type of the request sent is multipart/form-data rather than application/x-www-form-urlencoded in the erroneous case.

I'm still kind of in the dark on the actual issue , appreciate any explanations .

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setResponsePage() uses web pages, not web components (panels in this case). Can we see some of your code to try to help you? – Marcelo Jul 5 '11 at 16:10
code provided . I'm not sure which part to post . Also fiddler tells me that the requests are returning with a 302 . – Sans Jul 6 '11 at 5:16
What's the purpose of using an AjaxSubmitLink if all you do is redirect to a different page? If you have to do a complete page reload anyway, why not use a normal SubmitLink? – Martin Peters Jul 6 '11 at 7:56
good question . And I just logged in to comment I shouldn't be using the AjaxSubmitLink anyway . The wicket code samples around me seem to have affected my ability to think straight .:) – Sans Jul 6 '11 at 8:00

setResponsePage() should get a .class file or a instantiated class instead. like

NextPage np = new NextPage(int a,int b);


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