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I'm writing a batch file that launch an application.


After the application is launched, I'm getting a list of options in the console, and the program waits for input, for example:

a: start session

b: end session

c: end

How do I make the batch type a?

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Other than using echo as @npclaudiu suggested, you could also write the expected input to a text file and then have the app read the file:

app.exe <input.txt

This works if the app expects more than one line of input.

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Well, it works only for the first line. For example- I want to open session and to close it immediately, so I put a and b in the txt file. It opened the session for the a and then say error reading option for the sec. Any idea? –  sara Jul 6 '11 at 6:48

First, make sure if the application supports command line arguments. For example, at your command prompt, type:

C:\> app.exe /?


C:\> app.exe -h


C:\> app.exe --help

If it doesn't, try using

echo a | app.exe
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