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I am working with SpringData's Neo4j graph DB hello-worlds example and I ran across the following code in

@Autowired private WorldRepository worldRepository;

Furthermore, WorldRepository is defined as...

public interface WorldRepository extends MyWorldRepository, 
{/* no method defined here */}

Now the odd part, no class that I can find actually implements WorldRepository.So, a few questions...

How is this possible? Where is this documented? Is there a way to make this a bit more explicit (less mysterious)?

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Running the code with a debugger attached shows that the worldRepository instance wired up by Spring is a proxy object created at runtime.

Looking at the pom.xml and the dependencies included, it looks like the spring-neo4j library bundles in some Aspects that create this implementation class at runtime.

In other words, there is no implementation of this interface declared in the source code - but one is created at runtime with AspectJ and other tools.

IntelliJ screenshot of debugger

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that's more of the "what" is happening. It still seems rather magical to me and I don't see how it piecemeal constructed a class from three separate interfaces (one of which IS defined in the class). Ideally I would like to see docs explaining this which I haven't found yet and I would like a way to make this more explicit. – Andrew White Jul 5 '11 at 14:32
It is rather magical indeed. The key is that it's doing code synthesis (presumably by delegating to other classes/beans/methods that do exist). – Donal Fellows Jul 5 '11 at 14:36
@Andrew, take a look at NodeGraphRepository and‌​ing, they seem to be doing most of the work. Other than that though, I think you'd have to get the authors of the library to improve their docs if you can't find anything useful in there. – matt b Jul 5 '11 at 15:30

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